St. James’ Anglican Church

Rebuilding from the Ashes – We need your help! Please donate.

The devastating fire and associated emotional crash provide us with a challenge and an opportunity to continue to serve the community, as St. James has done for 156 years. The community needs of today, while perhaps different from those of 1863, remain vital. The extended St. James Church family can look back with satisfaction and gratitude, while looking ahead with a sense of purpose. Help us rebuild so that St. James can have a positive impact for this growing community. We can’t do it without your help!

Importance to the Community

There is unanimous local support for rebuilding St. James as a flexible-use building to serve the needs of church members, provide cemetery functions and support the broader community. You can be a part of this rebirth. Let us collectively show the same foresight shown by our predecessors of 156 years ago and renew the Church as part of the essential social infrastructure of the area. Come, contribute and be a part of the ongoing history.

Forever Lost Except in Memories

Gone is the beautiful historic church, a beloved landmark, a community treasure. With its hand-hewn solid oak doors crafted from local timber, gorgeous stained glass windows donated by families in memory of loved ones, the unique pine ceiling and floors, and memorial plaques honouring veterans and volunteers, the building can never truly be replaced. Help us rebuild our pioneer church in honour of what has been lost and with hope for the future.

The Cemetery and the Church Facility

St. James cemetery, founded in 1863, is non-denominational and its beautiful location in the rolling hills provides a pristine, pastoral and dignified resting place.

The cemetery is one of few in Ontario that offers four options for a peaceful resting place. Eco-friendly and traditional burial sites, cremation lots and a scatter garden are all available. Eco-friendly burial is a means of placing a body to rest while minimizing the impact on the environment and allowing for natural recycling into new life. Time is limited between death and interment for natural burial and St .James may be the only cemetery in Ontario that allows for winter eco-friendly burial. The church building itself is needed for the comfort of family and friends as they celebrate the lives of their loved ones. The services provided by St. James Church and cemetery provide tremendous emotional relief at a time of stress and sorrow.

Reclaiming and Restoring the Bell and the Bible

In 1925, the Coyle and Drope families donated the huge bell — 38 inches in diameter — to celebrate the centennial of their arrival in Canada from Ireland. Every reasonable effort will be made to reclaim and restore this historic symbol of the gratitude of these heritage families.

Astoundingly, a major portion of the large bible survived the fire. Was this meant to be? The bible is currently in the hands of a restoration company. Now we have a chance to see that the church facility survives, as the bible did, through the rebuilding project. Please assist with the revitalization of St. James.


St. James has an active community outreach program, providing support to a food bank and local families in need, sponsorship of a refugee family, visitations to seniors and nursing homes, and participation in the Roseneath Fair Sunday service.

One heartwarming story has unfolded since the fire. A family who St. James assisted during a time of need about 10 years ago are now re-established and doing well; they have contacted the church and plan to make a financial donation to assist with the rebuild. Now it is our turn to show gratitude.

Don’t let the destruction of this monument to the pioneer families terminate its place in the ongoing community history. Help us rebuild from the ashes.

For further information please contact:

Allan McCracken
Ross Stevenson