St. James’ Anglican Church

Treat Yourself to the Natural Beauty! Have a closer walk with God in the beautiful rolling hills of Northumberland.

St. James is located atop a hill, 1.5 kilometres northeast of the village of Roseneath, just off County Rd. 45. The church is constructed in an aesthetic style known as picturesque. It is nestled amongst family farms and small woodlots away from all urban development. Come worship with us. You are welcome here.  

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Built in 1863 by pioneer families who recognized the needs of a growing community, The church has served the continuing spiritual, social and recreational needs of the community for more than 150 years. St. James’ Church was built at a cost of approximately $800. Descendants of the original pioneer families still attend St. James as part of today’s congregation. Come, be part of our ongoing history.  

Come Celebrate Life

Give Thanks for Our Many Blessings. Witness the glow of the midmorning sun through the beautiful stained glass window in the chancel donated in 1886 in the memory of Reverend John McCleary, the beloved pastor for many years. Let the glow be part of your life! Stained glass windows have since been added to all windows in memory of former members of the church. In 1925, the Coyle and the Drope pioneer families donated the huge bell which is 38 inches in diameter. The bell marked the centennial of their arrival in Canada from Ireland.  

Join our Church Family. Everyone Welcome!

Services are held 11:00 AM to noon each Sunday. On the 1st & 3rd Sundays of each month the Priest conducts Holy Communion services. The 2nd and 4th Sundays is Morning Prayer with our own accomplished lay reader. During the few months of each year with 5 Sundays, the fifth Sunday is a joint service amongst the 3 churches in the parish at 10:00. Check the parish office for the location on any 5th Sunday Service.  


The church and its members maintain a moderately active outreach program involving activities prioritized annually.  

Church Contact Information

Our Parish Office is located in Campbellford at 705-653-3632 or you may contact Ross Stevenson, church member, at 905-352-2556. Please see our cemetery page for contact information related to our burial grounds.