St. James’ Cemetery

St. James’ Cemetery is a non-denominational cemetery located near Roseneath, Ontario, in the beautiful rolling hills of Northumberland County. Founded in 1863 by pioneer families who recognized the needs of a growing community. The cemetery is nestled amongst family farms and small woodlots away from all urban development. It provides a pristine, pastoral and dignified resting place. We offer five options for a peaceful resting place with the opportunity to select from traditional and cremation lots, a scatter garden and eco-friendly burial sites.

The Original Cemetery – Traditional Interment

Dating from 1863, the original cemetery is similar to other traditional cemeteries established by community pioneers. It has monuments dating back over 100 years and is located adjacent to the church

Natural Eco-Friendly Interment in the Meadow

All interment materials must be completely biodegradable and eco-friendly. There can be no synthetic materials or metals used in the fabrication or decoration of the coffin or container. The site is seeded to native grasses and wildflowers to provide natural habitat. Grass is cut late in July primarily to control unwanted invasive species. Any wild flowers, the family may wish to plant, must fit with this cutting schedule.

Lots may be purchased individually as required, or ahead, singly or two or more lots together to form a family plot. All lots or plots must be marked with stone corner markers with the family name engraved on each marker. A certificate will be issued and all persons with interment rights in the lot/plot must be identified on the certificate. A monument may be placed on the lot/plot, must be of natural stone and comply with St. James cemetery by-laws.

Traditional Interment in the Meadow

Traditional burial is allowed in a separate section of the meadow. Also, this area of the meadow is planted with native grasses and wild flowers.

Cremation Lots

Cremation lots are located in an area surrounded by trees. Lots are 1M x 2M allowing for up to four urns or 1M x 1M for up to two urns. All monuments and markers must comply with the by-laws.

Scatter Memorial Garden

The Scatter Garden has turf grass and a few shrubs growing in it. A patch of sod will be lifted in order to scatter the ashes and then the sod patch will be replaced to grow again. No scattering of ashes is allowed other than within the Scatter Garden. A stone monument is located at the entrance to the Scatter Garden to allow for plaques

Cemetery By-laws

The Cemetery Committee, in the discharge of their responsibilities, request the support of the public by following these by-laws, which have been adopted for the improvement and upkeep of the cemetery, to keep it a becoming, respectful and peaceful setting for the remembrance of our predecessors. These by-laws are the rules and regulations that govern St. James’ Cemetery and have been approved by the Registrar of the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 (FBCSA), Bereavement Authority of Ontario.

Cemetery Contact Information

For more information about our burial options, please contact the Cemetery Secretary at or call:

Melissa Surerus at 905-269-0196
or Gerald Beavan at 905-352-2382