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From the Rector’s Study

I prefer communicating verbally rather than on paper or social media. COVID-19 has us living differently. I hope my messages provide a spiritual lift in these troubling times. – The Rev. Bryce Sangster

Easter Sunday 3 – Apr 18 2021

Sermon by the Rev. Mary Bell-Plouffe. I must confess that when I took a close look at the gospel assigned for this morning, I was disappointed. All through Easter, beginning with Maundy Thursday, we’ve been hearing the Gospel of John. Today, we’ve switched to Luke’s gospel.

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Changed: Lent V – March 21 2021

Nancy Wright-DeKuyper, Christ Church Lay Reader – Forty days and forty nights….the season of Lent. But it seems that we have been living in this period for a much longer time due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. It feels much quieter for me, trying to focus on the meaning of this time, when it’s customary to give up or let go of something that matters.

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Sermon for Lent 4 – March 14 2021

Priest-in-Charge The Rev. Mary Bell-Plouffe – Last Sunday during coffee hour, we talked about the challenge of the 10 commandment passage we’d heard, and God being a jealous God,
punishing children to the 3rd and 4th generations for the sins of their parents. We wondered how that would be heard by today’s young people.

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