Community Outreach

Members of St James play an important roll in the social and spiritual wellbeing of the community. Ongoing efforts to connect in meaningful and productive ways with people in the broader population around us.

Sunday Church Service at Roseneath Fall Fair

St James Church and the Roseneath United Church cooperate with the Roseneath Agricultural Society to conduct a joint service on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. during the Roseneath Fall Fair in the picnic shelter on the fair grounds. The fair is held annually on the last complete weekend in September and the service, as part of the enjoyable agricultural fair, offers a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our many blessings and give thanks for the bountiful food supply that most of us enjoy. There is also a blessing of the pets and animals during the service. Everyone is welcome. Join us and give thanks in your own way.

Lunch and Social Hour

Plans are being developed for various brunches/lunches and social opportunities are being developed in the new church hall. The first lunch in the new church was following the official opening. The friendly atmosphere provides a relaxing social experience to exchange thoughts and appreciate the friendship and support. Watch for the schedule of events, come and join in the church family and enjoy the lunch and social hour. Everyone is welcome.

Tours of the Historic Cemetery and Church

Tours of the historic cemetery and church can be arranged by contacting us or make a day trip and add our tour to a visit to the Roseneath Carousel.

Assistance to local families in extreme need

St James assists local families in extreme need as critical situations arise.

International Outreach

International projects are supported periodically on a priority basis as determined by members of St James.