From the Rector’s Study
Sunday, November 15th, Pentecost XXIV, all talents
Judges 4:1-7, Psalm 123, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11, Matthew 25:14-30

This passage reminds me of how Dr. Scott Peck starts “the Road Less Travelled” with; life is difficult. I say this because my thought from this is; life is not fair. Some seem to be given a lot more than others, and it is easy to feel that life has treated us unfairly.

Yet who decides what our talents and blessings are worth? There are some who feel and are encouraged to see greater value in their talents; while others feel what we have to offer is worth very little. Yet who is to decide? So there are two issues; the value and what it is used for. Some have great talent and yet use it for increasing a world of unfairness, manipulation and exploitation, instead of for the benefit of the community, while others are doing wonderful things behind the scenes and getting little to no credit.

There is another issue which comes to mind in this idea of unfairness. It is never give up. In this world there are going to be obstacles to reaching our goals. So there has to be a certain persistence that the third servant did not exhibit. And maybe a need to modify our goals while still moving forward.

Maybe an athlete is not good enough to make it to the majors but, coaching may be a way of living out the dream while pursuing the talent. Or a university student may realize that changing their major may be a better way to success and fulfillment.

The message seems to be that we all have something to offer the community, that all of us have talents and abilities and blessings which can help. When that is the intention, it is not about pride and ego, but support for the community and those who can benefit from our efforts and abilities. But that is not always easy, and we may feel the effects of the unfairness and feel we have nothing to contribute. The reality is that we are all both able to contribute to the community and in need of receiving from the community.

I believe, if we are honest, we will at certain times in our lives feel like we are all three of the servants, sometimes feeling we are the best at something, or can still add to the situation or feel like we have nothing to add. Yet some of the adding is the questioning and when we feel like we are in the minority, we feel we are in no position to question. The reality of community is not always being in agreement, but sometimes the soft quiet voice of question is what needs to be heard. So let us encourage and celebrate the differences and diversity of our gifts and talents and what we bring to the table.


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